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The company was founded in 1989. The main activity: sport hunting tourism, the provision of expeditionary services in the Gornobadakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO) of the Republic of Tajikistan. The founder and leader is Bekmurodi Zafar. The backbone of the company’s employees are former athletes, tourists, geologists, professional hunters.

In the first years of our work, we received experts from leading hunting clubs, whose recommendations, observations, and assessments were analyzed in detail and formed the basis of work organization. After seven years of activity, for the first time, we received invitations to participate in the SCI exhibition in the city of Reno, Nevada, USA, and since 2003 we have annually represented the hunt for Marco Polo sheep and Siberian ibex, a wolf, a wild yak.

Since 2000, we have also been participating in the FNАWS (North American Wild Sheep Hunters Association) exhibitions and in OVIS. We constantly place our advertisements in the world’s leading hunting magazines, cooperating with many well-known hunting agencies. To date, more than 500 international hunters have visited our hunting camps. They got acquainted with the nature of the Republic of Tajikistan and became owners of beautiful trophies.

"To protect nature is to protect the Motherland.."

Mikhail Prishvin

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Our 4 base camps are located in places of the highest concentration of wild animals and are compact residential townships that provide heated cabins for customers, separate rooms for each client, a dining room and a kitchen, a shower room and toilets.In one of the camps there is a hot spring with healing properties and hot water pools. To ensure the leisure of customers there is a billiard room, a package of more than 500 television channels in English, Russian, French, German, and Turkish. The dining room and kitchen are located in the spacious house. In each of the camps can be taken simultaneously from 4 to 8 clients, including accompanying.The staff of each camp consists, in addition to the guides, of qualified cooks, waiters, doctors. Virtually all staff speak English and Russian.



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